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Testimony n ° 8 : June 2017

Dear Michael & Véronique,

Remember a particularly moving and warm evening in honor of Madame Monique QUESADA, Consul General of the United States in Marseille and in recognition of all that she has done and for us all, before his departure from Marseille .

A big thank you from the bottom of my heart for this wonderful concert of small violinists, which have been performance ! and the selected pieces were great ! Kudos to you all !

We are always very sensitive to your loyalty !

It was a beautiful evening of Franco-American friendship, Thanks to you .

With all my friendship ,

Marie-Juliette LABARRE
President of the Committee of Marseille/mouths of the Rhone
the Association France United States

Testimony n ° 7 : June 2017 (end of year concert)


Thank you for this beautiful moment that beautifully closed the year.


Testimony n ° 6 : June 2017

Thank you, Michael !

We thank you for your legendary patience with children.


Testimony n ° 5 : June 2017



Dear Michael, I wanted to thank you for teaching me things I didn't know about the violin. I learned a lot of rhythms. Today is the big day, I love you very thousand kisses.

Erika (CE1 class)

Testimony n ° 4 : June 2017


Dear Michael, I wanted to thank you for teaching me to do the violin. I would like to continue to make of the violin, then still thanks.

Larson (CE1 class)

Testimony n ° 3 : February 2016

Adult student practicing the violin for several years, I wanted to try a different method, out of curiosity. According to me, the strengths of the Suzuki method are as follows :
– Learning is made naturally from motivational songs and listening to the worked pieces. Progress is rapid, without the need to go through many technical exercises (Apart from the ranges). This makes it an exciting method and limiting the discouragement.
– Place important data to practice Orchestra, even for less experienced.
Michael, violin teacher, combines rigour and goodwill, What makes a good teacher.

Testimony n ° 2 : January 2016

Our child love Mickaël, feels comfortable and pleasant with her teacher. We, parents, love his pedagogy and his sweetness that hides a fair requirement. And what patience !!!!
The violin without Michael would not like this !

Testimony n ° 1 : 18 November 2014

My son Enzo, “12 years”, part of this school now 9 years.
Michael the teacher of violin which is a formidable patience him share his passion for this discipline.
Michael, am also in his schooling at the Marseille Conservatory throughout the year and help with great success to each of his end-of-year exams.
Skeptical when first teaching young (3 years), We were surprised of the quality of education, the pedagogical meaning, and relational flexibility demonstrated Michael over the years.
Enzo is now in 2nd cycle of study of the violin at the Conservatory and has never wanted to stop the violin with Michael despite the workload that it requires knowing that he also plays the guitar in 2nd cycle in carry le rouet.
At his statements, It is for him a moment of good, relaxing, to find his comrades during rehearsals and concerts even if he can no longer participate in all….
Therefore, a big thank you

and Friday to resume….
A big thank you also to his comrades who supported him at the beginning of the summer after his accident that he is fully recovered…

Laurent , Karine, Theo, and ENZO