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Since 2005, “The International Music School of Provence” offer music lessons in Marseille & Aix-en-Provence for all types of instruments : Violin, Alto, piano, Singing, Guitar, Harp & Solfeggio.

Violin courses & Alto in Marseille & Aix-en-Provence

Michael Pon

Cours de Violon & Alto Professeur Michael PON

Born in Sydney, Australia, Michael PON began her musical studies at the age of 5 years with the Piano. A 8 years, He began to learn the violin with the Suzuki method (http://imsp.fr/la-methode-suzuki/), Thanks to the teaching of Miss Yvonne GANNONI. It will guide him to various degrees necessary for the accomplishment of his career professional violinist and teacher in Australia, Europe and the United States.

After completing his secondary studies, Michael PON perfected the practice of the violin, and at the same time devoted himself to the study of Music Education. He obtained the title of Professor Suzuki for teaching in all schools in the world. Among his teachers, Examples include : M. Harold BRISSENDEN (Honorary President of the Suzuki Association of the Education of the Talent in Australia), Professor John KENDALL (Founder & Honorary Life Member of the Suzuki Association in America), M. Tsuneo KOBAYASHI (Professor / instructor looking for Talent Education and the teaching of the violin, Japan), M. Yasuki NAKAMURA (President of the Suzuki Association “Pan Pacific”), Professor William STARR (Director of the Suzuki program at the University of Tennessee, U.S.A.), and Miss Hiroko SUZUKI (Instructor at the International Academy of the Suzuki method, Violin teacher, and Niece of Dr. Shinichi SUZUKI). Include also other teachers such as Miss Miwako ABE (Former Assistant to Sandor VEGH), M. László KISS (Conservatory of music in Sydney) and M. Goetz RICHTER (Concertmaster of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra).

In addition to his duties as Professor, Michael PON is also a professional violinist, and he has played with orchestras in Australia and abroad, such as the National Chamber Orchestra of the Opera of Australia, the National Philharmonic Orchestra (Australia), the Orchestra of Academy of music in Paris (France), Flaine Music Festival Orchestra (France), the Sydney Opera House Orchestra (Australia), and the Sydney Philharmonic Orchestra (Australia). At the present time, It is the violin soloist of the Ensemble Henri Tomasi (France).

Michael PON taught the Suzuki Method (http://imsp.fr/la-methode-suzuki/) for the Violin and the Alto #8217, also in Classes for beginners, as well as the traditional method for violin and viola in Australia, Europe and the United States. He was lecturer at the Waverley high school (Australia) and at the Lycée Scots in Sydney (Australia), and he is the founding member of The International Music School of Provence, France (http://imsp.fr/).

Michael PON is the holder of a Licence of music, option violin, of a Licence of the Music Education, a violin Concert Licence, Diploma of Professor of violin for the Suzuki method teaching, as well as a diploma in Direction d'Orchestre (http://m.PON.free.fr/)

He is currently Professor Coordinator of stringed Instruments, and teaches violin and viola at The International Music School of Provence, France (http://imsp.fr/).

Courses Piano in Marseille & Aix-en-Provence

Xiao di ZhangCours de Piano Professeur Xiao di ZHANG

Born in the central China, his mother taught him piano at the age of 6 years. He presented the competence of very strong improvisation. At the age of 8 years it starts the decryption by listening and participates in several competitions and gets great results. A 16 years he already composes his own music and joined the Shanghai Conservatory where he studied piano with the teacher Mr. Bing SU. He plays his own music to the public.

En 2010 he arrives in France to continue his musical studies and returned to the Conservatory of Marseilles. He studied with the famous pianist M Erick BERCHOT. He was invited to participate in the Festival of music, cooperates with various film companies in order to create music from the movies. But he is also invited to play for renowned including large star hotels facilities. This enabled him to enrich his experience.

Children who live abroad always think of their home countries, but this allows them to better understand the spirit of Western classical music from this experience of studying abroad. The spirit music oriental and occidental meet in most of his works, like a melodious music culture. His sentimental works are recognized by the french public.

Courses Vocals (Soprano) in Marseille


Cours de Chant Professeur Yukimi YAMAMOTOYukimi YAMAMOTO studied piano since her childhood. It is at the age of 18 years, She began her vocal studies at the University of music from Kunitachi (Tokyo) where she successively obtained Bachelor and master.

From 1994, Yukimi YAMAMOTO perfected at the Ecole Normale de Musique de PARIS where she received superiors staging graduates, Concert of song and chamber music by unanimity.

Yukimi YAMAMOTO is winner of the first prize unanimously of the Léopold BELLAN competition as well as of the European music competition in Picardy.

It gives several recitals in the CORTOT Hall, as well as the Embassy of Japan in PARIS, and has performed in numerous concerts in PARIS, LYON, MARSEILLE, AIX-EN-PROVENCE, GENEVA, HAMBURG, TOKYO, OSAKA, …

His repertoire, rich and varied, extends from early music to contemporary music ; Leçons de ténèbres Couperin, Stabat Mater Pergolesi, the 9th Symphony Beethoven, Bachianas Brasileiras No. 5 VILLA-Lobos, The land of mystery of Jacques CASTÉRÈDE.

She participates in many Operas and performances in the roles of Dido from Dido and Aeneas (PURCELL), The peace of Les Arts Florissants (CARPENTER), Eurydice ofOrpheus and Eurydice (GLUCK), The Most of Mozart in the Theatre of the Royal drum, Erinice of Zoroaster (Rameau) at the Théâtre de Lenche in Marseille and musical creations : The cat of the archaeologist (J.P.STORA) at the Theatre du Jeu de Paume in Aix-en-Provence.

Since 2012 She works regularly with the Director Gabor Csetneki at his Studio "the actor and his space" and exercised his talent as an actress.

After having taught singing at the Ecole Supérieure de Paris musical and the mastery of Bouches du Rhône, She gets the State diploma Professor of singing at the CEFEDEM French. She currently teaches at The International Music School of Provence (http://imsp.fr/).

She has recorded a debut album with Lévon MINASSIAN (Armenian flute) and Pedro ALEDO (Guitar). Subsequently, She has participated in two other records: for the Memorial of the Marseillaise "Marseillaise of women" and to create "Stabat Mater" by Ludovic Amadeus SELMI.

Yukimi also sings the music of film which received the award of best musical adaptation in international film festivals (Marseille, Strasbourg, Ajaccio, Saint Petersburg, Rabat, San Sebastián).

Courses Guitar in Marseille

Enzo BRACASSACCours de Guitare par Enzo BRACASSAC

Born in Marseille, Enzo BRACASSAC begins his musical studies on violin with the Suzuki method (http://imsp.fr/la-methode-suzuki/) at the #8217 age of 3 years with Michael PON, his teacher. Enzo then returned to the Marseille Conservatory at the #8217 6 years while continuing the Suzuki method at the same time.

The following year #8217, he started playing guitar at the #8217 Carry-le-Rouet School of Music. At the #8217 age of 15 years he returned to the Marseille Conservatory in graduate school in guitar and 2019 gets its mention award “very well at #8217 unanimity”. That same year he participated in the awards ceremony of the Marseille Conservatory and won the Scotto Prize. #8217 It was then that #8217 he wanted to start sharing his guitar know-how with the Suzuki method at The International Music School of Provence (http://imsp.fr/).

Courses Harp in Marseille

Beatrice BISTER

Born in Arras, France but educated in Herborn, Germany from the #8217 age of #8217 a month, Beatrice BISTER began her musical education at the #8217 age of 5 years with the recorder as well as the music, the piano and finallyCours de Harpe Professeur Béatrice BISTER
harp at the #8217 age of 7 years. Thanks to his father who was a violinist among others, she was confronted very early with chamber music by playing various musical works with him for the piano and violin as well as for the harp and violin.

From the #8217 age of 6 years ago she participated for the first time in the “Judgend Musiziert” to which she won the first prize. After also participating in several musical projects of his schools such as the choir and the musical, Beatrice decided to start studying music teacher with harp and piano instruments while playing with many orchestras, especially in the cities of Cologne, Bad Berleburg and Siegen.

She graduated in 2014 And, passionate about the richness of different musical cultures, decided to work first in #8217 the Amazon in Peru to benefit from the Amero-Indian musical culture, and then #8217 finally settled in 2016 in the south of France to develop various musical projects.


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